Coils of steel

Coils F8, F10, F12, F14 and F16mm with SD marking

Straight Rods


Straight bars from F8 to F40mm,
with SD marking for diameters up to F28mm

Class C SD Steel has two longitudinal ribs and additional transverse ribs of alternating direction on both sides. On one side there is the characteristic marking of the production plant. Also, Class C SD Steel bears the embossed “SD” mark, for easier identification, at all stages of its handling, storage and use.

Electrowelded Cloaks

Cladding is used to make the transverse reinforcement of structural elements such as columns, beams and walls

Steel Grade – Sections – Distances:

The jackets are produced from straight steel bars of B500C grade, with cross sections of F8 mm, F10 mm and F12 mm. Bars are held-welded at 100 mm or 125 mm intervals with 6.00 mm diameter coarse wire cross wires

Structural & Common Grids

The structural meshes consist of welded transverse and longitudinal wires which are made of a reduction – in cold – of SAE 1010 type coarse wire. The diameter of the wires is from F4 to F10 and the loops formed have a rectangular or square cross-section.

Curved Rods